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Emergi-Clean, Inc. was founded in 1995 and incorporated in 1996 in Linden, NJ by a group of safety conscious professionals who realized the need for trained specialists in the containment, cleanup and decontamination at biohazard scenes.

Emergi-Clean. Inc is a corporation dedicated and committed to providing specialized bio – hazard decontamination services. In 2004 Trauma Scene Restoration was a welcomed acquisition that fortified the companies dedication and commitment in offering a safe and affordable service for it clients.

Trauma Scene Restoration, a Division of Emergi–Clean, Inc., has diversified and added additional essential emergency services. Management Professionals, Housing Authorities, Housing Associations, Commercial and Industrial Firms, Homeowners and Local Municipalities have come to depend on the experience and expertise we offer.

Our company works closely with city and state health officials, police departments, area businesses, insurance companies in helping them stay abreast of the proper techniques and regulations regarding bio-hazard remediation.

Our professional staff include ABRA Certified Technicians, NJ State Certified Medical Technicians and Certified Instructors that provide the proper training in the containment, cleanup and decontamination to complete the cleanup in a safe manner.

Trauma Scene Restoration uses several types of remediation and restoration services. We work legally, ethically and in accordance with the strict guidelines from OSHA, most State Health Departments and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We will work closely with the client and the insurance company in regards to costs and payment options.

Trauma Scene Restoration has earned an excellent reputation for their professionalism and absolute adherence to safety standards mandated in the biohazard field.

Serves Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York and Connecticut

24 Hour Emergency Toll Free 1-877-742-4221
TRAUMA SCENE RESTORATION® is a division of Emergi-Clean, Inc®
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